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Graphic Designer

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I had the privilege to take on a one-year contract position at Electronic Arts, to become the Graphic Designer for their flagship video game: FIFA. I designed FIFA promotional material for use in-game, on physical packaging, and on EA’s different social media channels. One infographic was even published on IGN, Videogamer.com, The Mirror, and Eurogamer.

Our team utilized real-time marketing – this means when players score or perform a monumental feat, we react to it, posting relative assets such as screenshots to create conversation with our players.

I carefully composed photograph-like screenshots for FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT), replicating real-life scenarios using proper lighting, shadows, and player poses. I also crafted the FUT Legends logo, a logo that clearly resonates a vintage, yet modern visual identity. The logo was and still is heavily used in marketing materials at Gamescom and large announcements alike, receiving great publicity and conveying the Legends image.

The work that I created reaches up to 600,000+ players daily, and reached out to 2 million+ unique FIFA 14 players.