Little BabyCakes

Inaugurating a New Niche Brand

Graphic Designer, Photographer

Little BabyCakes (LBC) is a mini-cupcake store in Vancouver that wanted to target a young, niche, and aspiring consumer base. LBC bakes their own artisan cupcakes, with many different flavours and toppings to attract cupcake fanatics and maintain a unique brand motif.

I was responsible for crafting a launch package for the new business, which included a simple, yet distinctive logo, a Visual Branding Standards Guide, promotional material, signage, and a large stand-up banner. I was also their photographer for their launch material as seen in the work below.

Preliminary sketching stages of the Little BabyCakes logo
A print brochure handed out to renowned YouTubers to get them to endorse the Little BabyCakes.
I designed an extensive 23-page Visual Branding Standards Guide for Little BabyCakes that encompasses logo usage, photography guidelines, and more