Creating a holistic digital and physical experience

UX Designer

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During my time at WOKE Studio, I helped enhance the product experience of the Mio SLICE and Mio PAI app. Although I joined the team just a couple months before the official launch, it was fantastic to experience the formulation of digital and physical aspects of the product.

PAI is a new approach to activity tracking that represents your fitness with one number. Rather than tracking just steps, it takes heart rate into account as it’s much more universal and depicts health in a more intuitive way. As a UX designer working on this project, I was challenged with creating and enhancing physical and digital touchpoints on the Mio SLICE wearable and PAI app. Designs on the Mio SLICE included animations and strategic screen mapping, and enhancements on the PAI app included seamless integration of added features and solutions to faulty UX scenarios that were previously unaccounted for. 

We constantly worked with the Mio team as well as our internal design team which consisted of another fellow UX designer, an industrial designer, and a creative director.

The Mio SLICE and PAI app won a 2017 Red Dot Product Design award, and was named “Best of CES” by the Wall Street Journal, PC Magazine, and both Men’s and Women’s Health.

Mio SLICE, along with the PAI App.
One week in, I was tasked with rehashing the user interaction on the Mio SLICE. Users complained that they never caught their notifications because they were dismissed far too quickly, and notifications did not provide enough information in general.
Along with my fellow designer, we frequently mapped out flows for developers and project managers so that the user experience within the app was optimized.