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Being a part of a 30-person design team that is responsible for a nationwide digital experience is challenging. No rock was left unturned in solving any design problem, and frequent collaboration between the Vancouver and Toronto team was necessary for alignment and knowledge sharing.

Working closely with UX designers, developers, and project managers, I put wireframes and sketched concepts into life. TELUS has a mobile-first mindset, since the majority of its customers do discover products on their mobile phones and/or are mobility customers. The visual designs of the interfaces are made sure that they entice its target audience, effectively present the product, and speak in the same voice as the TELUS brand.

Below are only some of the projects I worked on at TELUS.

Home Phone page Redesign - process below.
Wireframes that were created in collaboration with the UX designer that identifies problems with the current design. This Home Phone page had a lot of traffic, but through user testing and analytics, the page was deemed ineffective because of a low conversion rate and wrong emphasis on a certain product.
The final version of the design reuses existing elements and standards from the TELUS site, and utilizes new visual elements that are cohesive with the brand. The redesigned version helped increase Home Phone sales by ~60%.
Illustrations designed for the Wi-Fi Plus product page.
Redesigned the menu system for the TELUS Digital Standards website. It is still in development.