WOKE Website Redesign

Building from the Ground Up

UX Designer

Company Website

What started off as a casual conversation on a Wednesday afternoon stemmed into one of the biggest internal projects that WOKE has ever took on. WOKE was ready for a website redesign.

On the first week of the redesign process, I was tasked to head straight into visual design and layout. We also had no solid brand identity. Noticing the crevasse that we were about to step into, I took the lead to take a step back, and outlined an ideal design process from the ground-up so there was no unnecessary rework and no second-guessing, and made sure that the website was relevant to our audience and brand.


This project is still in progress and will be updated as soon as possible.

To clearly communicate the design and development process of both the brand and the website, I created an ideal timeline that detailed important milestones and questions that needed answers.
I conducted an internal survey to gauge the team's understanding and perceptions of the WOKE brand.
After conducting a series of questions, I analyzed the team's answers. This is just one slide of the observations made.
The Personable moodboard
The Narrative moodboard
The Daring moodboard