I worked closely and collaboratively with the TELUS design team to put wireframes and sketched concepts into life. Work includes, but is not limited to, product page designs, iconography design, and promotional banners design. 
The visual designs on the website are first made sure that they effectively communicate its intended goal, and speak in the same voice as the entire TELUS brand. The TELUS design team stresses on making data-informed design decisions. 
Daily and frequent collaboration with the Toronto design team was key to receiving invaluable feedback and testing results, to ultimately maintain a consistent and engaging experience for all TELUS customers.

The TELUS Digital Standards landing page was redesigned, including a completely revamped navbar. 

Various illustrations and iconography were also created on the website.

Working closely with UX designers, we quickly put ideas down to visualize product and promotional pages before visual design was integrated.

Staying true to the TELUS brand, I utilized TELUS brand imagery, fonts, colours, and styling to pages such as this Home Phone product page. Extensive feedback and testing sessions with the UX team were required before designs could be deployed.